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Vick was very dedicated to ensure our happiness. We worked with Vick for quite some time and he was very patient with our needs. We were looking to buy a larger home. We looked at so many homes and did not find that "perfect fit" he did not get frustrated with our pickiness or the fact that we had to tag along our 5 & 3 yr old daughters. After I lost my job and couldn't afford to buy a second home, we decided to short sell our home and relocate out of the area. Vick uses a third party company names Short Sell advantage. It was to his advantage as well as ours, they took care of all the leg work. Our short sell went super smooth. It was not stressful at all. Thank you for all your help Vick! Ps Vick has been in this business for Many many years and has a lot of knowledge to offer, if you want. He is not pushy with his knowledge, but will give very educated information if you want.

Dwight Z

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